Alternative Staples: My Picks for Must-Have Items from Lifted Limited's Symbolic Collection

Alternative Staples: My Picks for Must-Have Items from Lifted Limited's Symbolic Collection

Beyond the Fabric: Exploring the Symbolism in Lifted Limited's Designs

Lifted Limited focuses on the human effort for transcendence. The clouds represent the effort required for wu-wei, and other such nonsense.

Lifted Limited, means:


Lifted Limited Traditional Logo

"Eyes to the stars; feet on the ground."

Lifted Limited's credibility has foundation in its symbolism.

Use this guide to make your selections based on the symbolism apparent in each choice.


Let us first quote from "The Ra Material" one time: 

"41.2 Questioner: I am familiar with the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram. I was just wondering if this ritual was of use in preparing a place for this type of working?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

42.13 Questioner: Can you mention some exercises for helping to increase the attention span?

Ra: I am Ra. Such exercises are common among the many mystical traditions of your entities. The visualization of a shape and color which is of personal inspirational quality to the meditator is the heart of what you would call the religious aspects of this sort of visualization.

The visualization of simple shapes and colors which have no innate inspirational quality to the entity form the basis for what you may call your magical traditions.

Whether you image the rose or the circle is not important. However, it is suggested that one or the other path towards visualization be chosen in order to exercise this faculty. This is due to the careful arrangement of shapes and colors which have been described as visualizations by those steeped in the magical tradition.

42.15 Questioner: Then the less-sensitized entity should use a… What should he use for the proper energy?

Ra: I am Ra. In the less sensitized individual the choosing of personally inspirational images is appropriate whether this inspiration be the rose which is of perfect beauty, the cross which is of perfect sacrifice, the Buddha which is the All-being in One, or whatever else may inspire the individual."

So here, we are attempting to leverage this customised premium design of a "Pentagram" symbol, to inspire a piece that will exist alongside this tradition of White Magic. Explore with your own caution.
Lifted Pentagram T-Shirt Dark

Samadhi may refer to a number of different states or ways of being. Ultimately, when I am with the birds, the bugs, the plant life, dogs, rabbits, chipmunks, mice and hawks in my backyard all at once (or, I am with all at once: a monkey, a crippled horse, a dog and a mid-sized parrot-looking bird, smoking a hashish-weed joint, in the Himalayas circa 2019), I feel a sense of oneness with nature that rings true for me as Samadhi. These crossbody bags reflect.

Lifted Samadhi Crossbody Bag
Lifted Limited Crossbody Bag

This fanny pack turns out really well. The cloud represents the striving for the Confucian/Zen notion of wu-wei. By definition, this is "action through inaction". In my personal experience, I tend to manifest my own version of wu-wei -- that is, choosing "The Middle Way" so to speak. This can also refer to the tech principle of "The Third Option" that is always available. Don't let your Lizard Brain get in the way.

Lifted Limited Fanny Pack

Just admit it: this duffel bag is dope. Simple as.

Lifted Limited Spread Duffel Bag Front
Lifted Limited Spread Duffel Bag Back


This laptop sleeve inspires. Enough said.

Lifted Limited Black Laptop Sleeve

Who wouldn't rock this Lifted Limited camo snapback hat ?

Lifted Limited Camp Snapback Hat


This candle is soy wax and comes in a glass "Lifted Limited" or "The Elevated Way" branded jar. The Elevated Way is a catchphrase for Lifted Limited. Almost like "Never mistake a clear view for a short distance", it represents the striving and leaning towards transcendence/ascension that describes us a brand. Not only that, there is an Instagram handle @TheElevatedWay, which you should probably follow for daily upliftment. 

Lifted Limited Soy Wax Glass Candle Jar

Lifted The Elevated Way Glass Soy Wax Candle and Jar

This custom sheek hoodie with "lifted limited" printed out on the full length of the left sleeve is a fantastic piece. The darkness with shiny sheen really envelopes the wearer in a sense that the currency of life is darkness and light.

Lifted Limited on Sleeve Hoodie
Adonaii is a unique symbol we have come up with. It is something you will have to figure out on your own. "Adonai" is a greeting/goodbye often phrased by the Ra social memory complex in the transcripts of The Ra Material, which we have not come up with. Explore with your own caution.
Lifted Adonaii T-shirt
Siddhis. To be a yogi. Explore with your own caution. 1
Lifted Siddhiful Sweatshirt
This tough iPhone case with glossy finish uses the Lifted Cloud to once again refer to the ascertainment of we-wei and constant striving for upliftment that feels apparent in the design of almost every Lifted Limited piece available.
Lifted Cloud iPhone Tough Case Glossy
The joggers with the cloud all-over print.
Lifted Limited Cloud All-Over Joggers
Any of the prints available here.
Lifted Limited Florida Canvas Print
"Easier Said Than Done" Hoodie. Enough said. No.... pun.... intended.......

The Easier Said Than Done Hoodie

At Lifted, we have only further outwards to venture..

Aric H Ganth

Aric for Lifted

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